Maya Zuma

Maya Zuma is another version of the Zuma game. To get the treasure, you have to shoot balls of the same colour and remove them from the playing field. Do not let the balls reach the skull. Control the gun that rolls at the bottom of the screen. Shoot the crawling snake or even snakes. It is necessary to make groups of three or more balls of the same colour. Good luck!

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Mayan tribe. This ancient tribe possessed great knowledge. Some of them are already available to humanity, and some have remained hidden under the curtain of secrecy. In the game "Zuma: Maya", you can step on the land of an ancient tribe and demonstrate your agility and speed. Before you will be a winding path along which colorful balls will roll.

Your task is to prevent the balls from reaching the entrance to the cave. To avoid this, you must shoot so that the balls of the same color come together in three or even more. Then they will explode and disappear. At each level, a new location and a completely new path will await you, which will make you nervous. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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