Sparkle 2

Sparkle 2 is a three in a row game. Control a cannon that shoots coloured balls at a crawling snake with the same balls. Your task is to shoot, trying to get into balls of the corresponding colour. Don’t let the snake crawl to the hole, otherwise, the game will be over. If you get into a group of more than 4 balls, you’ll get bonus points. If you hit it, three bullets will fly out at once.

Welcome to Zuma Sparkle 2 free game. This mystical game will help you plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of zoom. In the game, you will be at the helm of an ancient symbol that will shoot sacred balls. Balls will move around you along the path. You will shoot colorful spheres at the enemy, collecting three or more balls of the same color. Also, the game will have a lot of bonus balls outside the tracks. You must hit them with any of your balls.

Your main task is to destroy all the balls before this multi-colored venerable "snake" gets to the hole at the end of the path. If this still happened, then you have to replay the entire level. It will be very difficult, because with each level the number of waves of balls will increase.

Quick reaction and agility will help you cope with any level. Have a nice game!

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