Zuma Magician

Play this great variation of the popular game Zuma Magician. The game consists of 6 levels. You need to shoot the balls of the same colour so that there are three or more, and they will disappear. Help the magician stop the chain of balls before it reaches the goal. The more balls you destroy, the faster they move along the snake. More than one colour in one shot gives you more points.

The great magician and wizard is waiting for you in his monastery to show you true wonders. Now, you will be playing magic balls in a zoom style game. A sorcerer will stand in the center of the playing field. He will hold magic balls in his hands. There will be several paths around the sorcerer along which colored balls will roll.

You need to throw balls on those that are on the tracks and collect them three or more balls of the same color. Then the balls will burst and disappear. You must remove all the magic balls before they get to the exit at the end of the path. Otherwise, you have to start over. Stock up on a good mood and go ahead to play.

Discover the magical world of the magic zoom game. Good luck!

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