Zuma Deluxe

Zuma Deluxe is a classic game for everyone who loves this genre. This is a new colourful puzzle game. Shoot the colourful balls into the row of three or more identical balls so that they disappear. It’s necessary to destroy the whole chain. Help the frog defeat the magic snake. If a multi-coloured snake gets to the hole, you will lose.

We present to your attention one of the most beloved logic games - Zuma Deluxe. In addition to beautiful, juicy and vivid graphics, you can make your logical skills and reaction work a little. You will play a stone frog - a symbol of the wisdom of the ancient Incas. She will hold balls in her mouth and shoot them at other balls. They will move around you through an intricate maze. You must shoot in such a way that three or more balls of the same color are grouped, after which they will disappear.

But most importantly, you should not let the chain of balls reach the skull, otherwise it will swallow them and you will lose. All in your hands. Good luck in Zuma Deluxe game!

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