Zuma Deluxe 2

Zuma Deluxe 2 is a colourful game for treasure seekers. Zuma is a favourite game of many players around the world. Shoot balls from a frog into a moving line of the coloured balls. The main task is to make combinations of three or more balls. The balls disappear, and the line chain becomes slightly shorter. The main thing is not to let the chain get to the final mark.It's time to shoot! In the game "Zuma Deluxe 2", you will shoot colorful balls from a big cannon. The cannon will be at the bottom, and in the center there will be a long path. Balls of different colors will move along it. You should shoot so as to collect balls of the same color, and then they will disappear. But you need to be very careful and make accurate shots. After all, if the balls get to the hole at the end of the serpentine path, then you will lose and you will have to start the level again.

Fifteen levels await you ahead, where you can have a great time and hone your accuracy. With each new level, the balls will be more and more and they will begin to move a little faster. You must react quickly and keep hitting the target. This game will help you get rid of routine chores and worries, at least for a short time.

You can relax and spend some interesting free minutes without leaving your home.

Enjoy Zuma Deluxe 2 game and good luck!

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