Mystic India Zuma

Mystic India Zuma is a beautiful version of the famous Zuma in Indian traditions. This game has great music and a pleasant atmosphere. A cute elephant must break a chain of coloured balls. Help him to succeed in this hard task. Shoot the balls at the chain, and clear the playing field. Do not forget to collect bonuses by shooting a ball at them. Enjoy the game!

An exciting journey to mysterious India awaits you. This is a land of a thousand surprises and coincidences. As soon as you step on the sacred ground, India will reveal its secrets to you under the mystical sound of a block of flute and tanpura.

In the game "Zuma: Mysterious India" you will start your acquaintance with a little test. You will play with a beautiful elephant in the center of the playing field. You will be surrounded by intricate labyrinths, along which colorful balls will ride. You must prevent the chain of balls from reaching the entrance, which is guarded by the elephant. To do this, you must shoot and collect three or more balls of the same color. Also, shoot coins to earn more bonus points. Once the balls run out, then you can move on.

With each new level, the labyrinths will be more winding. Have a nice game!

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