Lost Island Zuma

Lost Island Zuma is an exciting journey into the lost world. You have to go through the amazing and mysterious jungle, consisting of 20 stages. Each of them makes it possible to show your speed and accuracy by shooting multi-coloured balls from a cannon at a moving line of balls. The level will be completed after the whole multi-coloured snake is destroyed.

Do you want to feel like a real adventure seeker? Like Indiana Jones in the style of Zuma. You have to go through the most exciting adventure, which, in addition to a good mood, will bring you a charge of vivacity and adrenaline. Ready? Then we start!

Your character will be a sacred animal of the legendary Inca Empire - a stone frog. she has the ability to shoot colorful balls. this ability will be extremely useful to you and now you will find out why. Balls of a wide variety of colors will circle around the frog. To prevent these balls from being eaten by the skull at the end of the maze, you should knock them out before they reach the end of the maze. To do this, you need to shoot so as to collect three or more balls of the same color and then they will burst.

With each level, the balls will be more and more and the labyrinths will start to amaze you with their intricacies. Have a nice game!

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