Honey Trouble

In the game Honey Trouble, your task is to help the bear defend itself from an angry swarm. The bees in the game make a chain of colourful balls that move along a specific path. There are balls of different colours that you need to throw at a chain. The goal of the game is to make a group of three or more identical balls. To complete the level you need to destroy all the bees.

The intergalactic traveler was caught in the cosmic rain. This courageous blue bear decided that he could overcome the elements and prepared to fight. In the game "Zuma Bear" you will control a bear on a starship. His space transport is equipped with a cannon and can create different charges.

You have to shoot at space balls, but for a reason. You need to collect three balls of the same color or even more, then they will explode. To save the bear Zuma from colliding with the balls, you must destroy all these space balls before they get to the intergalactic traveler. But the bear will have one trump card. His cannon can change the colors of the balls with which it is loaded.

This will give you a good advantage when fighting the space element. Have a nice game!

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