Zuma Classic

In the game Zuma Classic shoot the balls – links of a snake chain crawling to a hole. You need to aim to get into the cluster of balls of the colour of the current projectile. The minimum required for the disappearance of the chain of balls is 3 pieces of the balls of the one colour. Hurry up to smash the whole snake before it crawls into the hole. Otherwise, you will fail the level.

Do you guys like zoom games? Then, welcome to the new classic Zuma Deluxe. As in the original version of Zuma, your character will be a cute frog. But he is not a simple inhabitant of a pond or a river, but a real warrior.

The frog fights with balls that want to get to its cache. Are you ready to help our frog and destroy all the balls? Then let's get started! Thirteen very dynamic and bright levels await you ahead.

The main goal of the Zuma Classic game is to destroy all the colored balls before they get to the hole at the end of the maze. To destroy the balls, you need to shoot so that they are going to gather three or more balls of the same color together. Then they will burst and disappear from the playing field. Enjoy your game and good luck!

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