Bird Town

Bird Town is a kind of famous Zuma, which has become more colourful and original. There will be a real town for birds where these birds move in a friendly formation. Your task is to make them fly away before they reach the final point. Do not let the birds get to the cat’s cage. Saving your birds, you will earn money, which you can spend on the building of Birds town.

Your journey through the universe of Zuma took you to the fabulous Bird Town. This incredibly beautiful and picturesque place pleases the eye and the heart with excellent nature and fresh air. And also, cool inhabitants. This town is home to cute feathered birds who are always in a good mood and are always ready to play.

In the game "Zuma: Bird Town", you can join the funny birds and have a little fun. The birds will move in a chain along the maze. The cuties will be in different colors. You need to collect three or more birds of the same color to get them out of the chain. If you fail to remove everyone before they reach the end of the maze, then you will lose. Using the space bar, you can change the color of the bird that you will launch. With each new level, the labyrinths will become more cunning and intricate, and the game will be more and more intriguing. Good luck!

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